When inclusive frameworks fail – limitations of structural measures in inclusion

Development work often converts communities into problems to be solved, flattening the various facets of people’s identities and lives. Human-centred design anchors on the lived experiences of communities, and considers these lived experiences central to any planning, design, and delivery. By focusing on the nuances, the intersections and the variations, we can elevate the diversity of people’s needs and experiences, and build more equity and inclusion.

Yet, the human centeredness of design isn’t always enough. A diverse set of practitioners share the tensions they experienced when faced with the limitations of frameworks like HCD in ensuring inclusion. In this session, we will explore these tensions, elevate the limitations, and start to see where the opportunity for evolving lies.

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Moderator for the session: Sanjukta Das (Creative Lead, Dalberg Design)


  • Tanvi Dhond (Design and Research, Dalberg Design)
  • Maria Alexandra Sandoval (Creative Lead, Dalberg Design)
  • Swar Rainghani (Co-founder and Design Lead, Xeno Co-Lab)
  • Sarah Tanishka Nethan (Lead, Family Planning & Reproductive Health, Vihara Innovation Network)
  • Aruna Raman (Expert by experience)