Inclusive SDG programing within fragile environments.

Across the world, millions of people live in fragile settings. The interface of conflict, fragility, and the climate crisis poses overlapping challenges to the survival of these vulnerable populations, particularly the refugees. While there are a range of programs that address such populations, the degree to which these programs affect and shape these vulnerable populations is not well known. How can we understand the challenges faced by these communities better? How can programs be better designed and delivered? What roles does everyone need to play?

The panel will look at vulnerable populations such as the Rohingya and the Syrian refugees in fragile settings. It will unpack the multiple and intersecting challenges faced by them – the climate crisis, political conflict, and education among others. The panel will also discuss key questions around risk-informed development to build interventions and programs that can aid in better adaptation, resilience-building and recovery for refugees and other displaced populations.

Moderator for the session: TBD

  • Sule Alan (Professor of Economics, University of Essex)