Accelerating the adoption of inclusion-focused research and insights into policymaking

Converting research into action can be a non-linear and effort-intensive process- even more so for the adoption of inclusion-focused research. The OECD outlines three criteria for governments to be truly inclusive: the inclusiveness of policy making processes, of outcomes and of the public sector itself.

How can different actors- researchers, advocacy groups, NGOs, governments and donors- consciously work towards smoothening this research-action funnel? Below we outline the key questions and themes this panel will address to drive an inclusion-focus research agenda:

  • Designing and evaluating social programmes with inclusion at the forefront, and not as an afterthought
  • Improving representation to get a word into decision-making.
  • How do we catalyze adoption of insights from intersectional research for influencing policies?
  • How can platforms for multi-stakeholder dialogues, incorporating the voices of marginalized groups, be strengthened?

Moderator for the session: Sharanya Chandran (Senior Policy Manager, J-PAL South Asia)


  • Ashwini Deshpande (Founding Director of Centre for Economic Data and Analysis, Ashoka University)
  • Meera Shenoy (Founder of Youth4Jobs)