“Caste and Labour Market Employment Discrimination and Its Impact on Poverty”

Credit: Dibyangshu Sarkar/AFP via Getty Images

This paper maps out the patterns of caste-based discrimination that can be seen in the labour market- from deciding who gets access to what job, to solidifying wage gaps. The paper reveals that there was heavy gatekeeping into the regular salaried jobs present within the private sector, which resulted in a low probability of access for people coming from SC backgrounds. The deep root of the discriminatory caste system are well spread within the public sector as well and can be seen, albeit in a different form. The wage gap that exists in the informal sector also points in a similar direction. The authors reiterate that the policy of endowment is a necessity, but is certainly not sufficient, given the contextual reality of the country. The authors also realise the question of affirmative action in the private sector, which may lead towards a more representative working population. Read the full paper here