On Women’s Backs India Inequality Report 2020

In India, women’s contribution to its GDP is one of the lowest in the world: 17 per cent. This figure represents problems of access in other interconnected factors–including, education, employment, water and sanitation. The existing social norms and gendered division of labour bind women in unpaid care work resulting in a breeding space for gender inequality and equitable access. The nature of unpaid labour equals restricted financial independence for women, and thus accords more power to men in the household. This report highlights the intersections between violence against women and the unpaid care work they perform. The study hopes to contribute to the knowledge about how and to what degree does unpaid care work cause and/or trigger violence against women. Read the full report here. 

Author: Amrita Nandy, Diya Dutta
With inputs from Aajeevika Bureau, Abhilasha Singh, Mayurakshi Dutta and Prasoon Agrawal


Source: Oxfam India