Delivered by women, led by men: a gender and equity analysis of the global health and social workforce

‘Delivered by Women, Led by Men: A Gender and Equity Analysis of the Global Health and Social Workforce’ aims to shape the path for gender-transformative policy and action in the Global healthcare system. Formulated by Gender Equity Hub (GEH) experts, it reviews 170 studies based in high-income countries in the Global North. The report indicates that despite forming around 70% of the health workforce, the role of women in health is often overlooked, with vast gaps in payment brackets.

True to its name, the report suggests that while women deliver essential healthcare facilities, it is men who lead it, with men occupying 69% of leadership positions in global health organizations and 80% of board chairs within them. Despite rampant sexual harassment, there is extremely limited data present around this reality, perhaps due to lack of legal & social protection.

Source: World Health Organization