Can the MDGs provide a pathway to social justice? The challenge of intersecting inequalities

Authored by Naila Kabeer of the Institute of Development Studies, this report highlights the nuances of social exclusion that are often missed by prevalent methodologies which aim to quantify the impact of MDGs. The report argues due to intersecting inequalities, the progress on MDGs and the implied promise of social justice is an illusion for those sections which are socially excluded. It highlights the need for ‘group-based, collective approaches’ which should be built on the principle of social justice and solidarity.

By using statistical evidence and specific case studies, the author calls for attention for the poor performance that most countries exhibit vis-a-viz socially marginalized groups within their territories. This leads to generational deprivation and long-term exploitation, and is a hindrance to SDG 1, SDG 2, SDG 3, SDG 10 and event SDG 16.

Source: Institute of Development Studies

People Involved: Naila Kabeer